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Create your own profile fastly with high quality photos and video. Obtain your office space in seconds. If you need any tip, you can communicate with our experts.

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Connect with your possible guests directly from your profile. Send messages, answer questions and even schedule tours.

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Thanks to SeatSpace Payment Policy, renting your office, payment and deposit process becomes faster so you don’t have to worry about it.

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Take Action

Start-up don’t want to stuck in one office for a long term so request for office space is high! Rent your extra office space and earn more income every months.

Become the Decision Maker

It depends on you whether you share a few office space, conference room, some desks or not. Manage your own terms and have flexibility to book by the hour, day or month.

Meet the Correct Need

Seatspace ensures right tools to make your office work efficiently. Reliability is important so you can directly chat with your guests before they book your office space. Check the profiles of guests, approve their requests or schedule tours. Also, increase your renting rates with the correct marketing solutions.

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