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Extend your business

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SeatSpace provides an trustable alternative for the people who look for working space and want to engage with people to find a lovely community.

Why take a part of SeatSpace?

SeatSpace Why take a part of SeatSpace?

The Efficiency Increase

Gain the experience of working in same work space environment with the intelligent and hardworking people. Taste the perfect Wi-fi speed and other benefits.

Connecting with People

You have chance to meet with new people, partners, investors that will broaden your mind and take you to the next step.

No Worries!

Forget bad lease conditions. You can rent the office how long you want.

Ways to Connect


Send message about home offices, open desks and other benefits or anything you want.

Book a Tour

If you want to rent o coworking spaces please ! Don’t forget to schedule a tour before you come so they can host you in the best way.

Membership Request

You think you found the best place for you? Send a membership request. Conformation Request if you want to rent co working spaces. Choose your membership type, starting date and time period and get to know availability.

SeatSpace Ways to Connect

Seatspace is one of the best problem solver.

Not to find proper coworking spaces or other workingspaces are huge problem when you go to another city or country. It takes a lot of time to find a new space. After a tiring experience, a friend of mine recommended me to check Garage Society(Thanks again!). Then we thought we have to create a home offices and co working spaces Marketplace and we did it.